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Jonni Drue
"Sinatra Cocktail Hour" is exactly what it sounds like! It's a showcasing of The Very Best of Frank Sinatra's Music, performed live by I'll Be Frank vocalist, Jonni Drue, during your wedding cocktail hour! Jonni will sing all your favorite Sinatra tunes with background tracks, or if you choose, with live piano accompaniment by Gary Haberman. And, for a real bring down the house dance party, Jonni can perform his tribute to Frank with a Sinatra style "big band" 17 piece orchestra!
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Cocktail Hour
The marriage ceremony is over and now you're "Mr. & Mrs.!" Don't waste an entire hour of your wedding day making your guests wait for the party to get started! That's the perfect time to let Jonni entertain your family and friends as they enjoy their appetizers & cocktails while they listen to Sinatra standards... classic music all ages can appreciate! Guaranteed, "Mom & Dad" and "Grandma & Grandpa" will love it!

"...if you can use
some exotic booze,
there's a bar in
far Bombay..."

Wedding Reception
Your wedding reception is sure to be a lot of fun, dancing and partying to the thumping sounds of your Disc Jockey's dance mix! But what if you want to “mix it up with something a little different?” Then invite Jonni to sing his "I'll Be Frank" tribute to Sinatra during the evening! He can work directly with your DJ, and will be a welcome surprise to all your guests!

"...cause I love you
...just the way
you look tonight!"

Cocktail Hour

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